Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jack O'Lanterns, Craft Day and the Littlest Punkin

Yea for Craft Day! After talking about it for several months, the BFFs finally had a Craft Day last Sunday. Amy provided the place (thank you again!) and the Mimosa cocktails and everyone brought whatever project they wanted to work on. Jerri and I broke from the rest of the pack who were jewelry crafting - she brought her card making supplies (all 15 cases worth) and I took my crochet. I'm trying to use all the yarn I've collected over the years and a new basketweave pattern I found is working really well for an afghan. Clancy the cat was worn out after helping so much.
Terry and Linda were missing from the lineup - Terry had foster puppy for the weekend and Linda was recuperating from a "procedure" (?). Their wisdom and humor was sorely missed by all. Yuk, I even made myself gag on that one.
Wendy's friend Beata was down for the weekend and she gamely tried her hand at making earrings and a bracelet - with fantastic results I might add. For most of the afternoon all we saw of Mel was the top of her head as she concentrated on connecting jumps rings and crystal drops to make a gorgeous bracelet. She has a lot more patience than I do - just trying to open and close five jump rings makes me start cussing and throwing things down in frustration. Skylar, Amy's daughter, joined in and got into making friendship bracelets and some cute ribbon and chain creations while her mom started using her new jewelry kit. Amy is a novice jewelry crafter but is already showing signs of becoming a bead junkie. Oh, Wendy, what kind of monster have we created?

Sunday night was Pumpkin Carving Night at the Hoffmans. Sherry and Marty hosted family and friends for the annual contest. The Littlest Punkin - grandbaby Skylar, made a spectacular entrance in her costume and helped Mama and Daddy make a pumpkin caterpillar. You can see from the pictures this bunch takes pumpkin carving very seriously!

The End


The Lone Beader said...

Just stoppin by to say hello! Love your blog header. That must be Golden Lane! :D

Julie said...

Good eye! You're the 1st person to recognize it.