Monday, September 22, 2008

Nothing In Particular

Nice. A weekend without the threat of annihilation by Mother Nature. The Taller Half got home last week and has been trying to dry out the car from the two hurricane soakings it has gone through. So far, so good, except this means I might have to keep it at home where I have covered parking this time when he leaves for work. The bad part of that is the fact that the car doesn't have a CD player and I'm halfway through the 32-CD recording of Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth. Oh crap.

I've added a link on the side of the blog to Leonard Pitts' columns from the Miami Herald. His latest one (Do yourself a favor --- read a book) really resounds with this librarian. Banning books is an abominable and dictatorial idea to me. I believe that if you don't agree with the subject matter of a book, you shouldn't read it. Period. End of discussion. Next topic please. Lately it seems to be a very scary fact of life that the beliefs of one very vocal group are being forced onto the public at large. I have no problem with what you believe and will defend your right to believe it. They are, however, your beliefs, not mine. I won't insist that you adopt my point of view and I would hope that you would have the common courtesy and respect of one human being to another to not insist that I subscribe to yours. As a footnote let me add that my use of the word "you" is not meant for any particular reader but is used only in a general sense. I tried using "one" to indicate a person but it sounded too much like Jane Austen and rather pretentious.
Okay, enough ranting for today. On to more peaceful thoughts.

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