Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's Have Coffee on the Porch

Let's just relax on the porch today. The coffee is ready and there are sugar cookies to go with. Sit back, put your feet up and listen to the birds. The mockingbirds are singing like it spring again. It's migration time and the feeder is busy with birds we don't see the rest of the year and the hummingbirds are back for a few days before beginning the flight across the Gulf of Mexico to their winter home. There has been a touch of fall in the early morning for the past few days. Here in the Deep South, fall doesn't really arrive until late October and sometimes early November. September only teases us with cool mornings that turn into blazing hot afternoons. I had given up on the amaryllis in the planter but now it has sent up leaves and will probably bloom again this winter. One year it had five bright red blooms on the one stem. Every now and then a little breeze sets the chimes in motion and falling acorns rattle in the leaves. Take a few minutes before starting your day - pull up a chair and relax. Join me on the porch for a while.

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