Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'd Like You to Meet... Mike C

Mike & Wendy - a crafty couple

Real men can craft too.

In the interest of equal time for the opposite sex, I like you to meet Mike C. He is a great example of man-crafting. Any given weekend will find Mike in his man-cave reloading shotgun shells or learning to tie flies for a fishing expedition.

Sure, you'll all say, that’s not crafting - there’s no yarn or colored paper or supplies from Michael’s involved. But I believe that crafting is in the eye of the beholder. Reloading a shotgun shell is a craft that takes time and skill to master. It takes patience and definitely a steady hand . Tying flies is takes superb hand-eye coordination and is as intricate and painstaking a task as learning to make perfect French knots on a piece of embroidery.

Lately Mike has taken to cyber crafting with his webpage He writes of his hunting and fishing experiences and gives practical tips on different aspects of the sports. Designing a webpage is an art unto itself and Mike is showing a real knack for it.Visit his site and experience for yourself the art of a talented man sharing his passions with the rest of us.

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