Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Crafting Everywhere

Creativity is all around! From one side of the Atlantic to the other, friends and family are getting into the holiday spirit.

In Prague, my niece Veronika and her friends made Advent wreaths to be used on the table. Four candles will be placed in the wreath and one will be burned every Sunday for the four weeks before Christmas Eve. In the photos the wreaths are without candles, but she says you can imagine how beautiful they will be with tall copper candles set next to the ribbon bows. The smell must be heavenly, too, with the fruit and fresh evergreens.

Here at the beach, the Girls Christmas and Craft party at Sherry's house was fun, festive and maybe just a little bit fattening. The eats were fantastic -- Sherry made a peppermint eggnog to die for. Everyone stayed until almost dark and the winter sunset was a gorgeous way to end a great afternoon with friends. Sherry's decorated mantle says it all, doesn't it?
Phyllis and Rooster's entire living room turns into a magical Christmas village each year. She said it takes her a good two weeks to get everything set up and I marvel she can do it that quickly. At the open house today, the grown-ups were as delighted and goggle-eyed as the little ones. Yummy munchies, hot apple cider and coffee put all of us in the holiday mood despite a thoroughly gray and dreary weather. I loved hearing the train chug around the town and the skaters on the ponds were my favorites of all.

Last and most assuredly least, here's my entry in the annual Gingerbread House Contest at the library. Following in the tradition of the collapsing Hurricane Ivan house, I created this Far Side-esqe display. Little Bob has been working hard to build his pretzel log cabin but danger is lurking in the Christmas tree forest.
I freely admit that I used caulking to stick everything together since I have no patience for making royal icing like you're supposed to.
Now, what shall I do for next year? Hmmm....

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Kylie Bowers said...

Oh wow looks like you had soo much fun!