Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Taller Half Has An Inner Crafter

I needed something to nestle goodies in for a gift basket. The store had small bags of crinkle paper shreds for $1.99 but the Taller Half almost stroked out at the idea of paying that much for trash paper. "Jule, that is just garbage. Are you crazy?" Since the gift was for his brother, he declared he would make the basket and just use the paper from our office shredder. That was when I gave him "the look", muttered something about Scroogy-ness and stalked off in a righteous, holiday snit.

Back at the house, as he was wrapping presents, I saw the light bulb come on over his head. "Hey, can you shred Christmas wrapping paper?" he asked. "I could put that in the bottom of the basket." OMG! He is crafty after all! I was so proud of him I could have wept with joy.

As I poured myself a shot of Amy and Paul's homemade eggnog - emphasis on nog, here - I listened to the sounds of the holiday filling our home and smiled contentedly. Christmas music on the radio and the roar of the shredder. Nothing says Christmas like office machinery.
Merry Christmas to all - I'll drink another eggnog to your health and happiness.

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