Friday, March 13, 2009

Sherry's Wedding Shower "Cake"

Sherry is making the sweetest "cake" for a wedding shower. It's made with a set of towels - her gift to the soon-to-be newlyweds. She is using white towels, but it could be made with any color - maybe matching the bride's wedding colors. Rich brown towels would make a chocolate cake!

To make one you'll need:

  • 2 new, unwashed bath towels - regular size, not bath sheets, unless you want a mungungous cake
  • 2 new, unwashed hand towels
  • 2 new, unwashed face cloths
  • 1 dowel - hers is about 18" long (you'll need it the right length to slide down into the middle of the towls but not stick out at the top)
  • Satin ribbon - 1 spool (measure the circumference of one of the towel rolls to make sure you get enough yardage
  • Pearls - 1 spool (9 feet)
  • Silk flowers and greenery

Start by folding the towels lengthwise into thirds. Put them end to end so they slightly overlap. Roll them up from the short end and secure with a straight pin. Do the same with the hand towels and face cloths.

Stack the rolls on your cake plate, stand, whatever and slide the dowel down the middle to stablilize the whole thing. Sherry is using a vintage, white, milk-glass stand that's is about 5" tall and 12" in diameter. It has a lovely, raised vine pattern around the edges. So pretty and nostalgic looking. Just perfect for a Southern spring wedding.

Now comes the fun part - Decorating your cake!

Sherry has wrapped 1 1/2" white satin ribbons around each roll and secured them with pearl headed corsage pins. Since her niece-to-be's color are ice blue, champagne beige and chocolate brown, she is using blue silk hydrangeas to decorate around the layers.

I'll post photos of the finishing touches next week.


Mel @ ShimmerMeBlue said...

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

abby jenkins said...

that is delicious! thanks!