Monday, March 9, 2009

I Brought You Some Flowers

Spring is here on the Gulf Coast! I've been running around the yard taking pictures like crazy. The azaleas are just about fully open now and yesterday I saw the first little fuzz of green on the white oak in the front yard. I fill the bird feeders every morning and whatever the birds don't eat during the day, the raccoons finish off at night. The Little Red Dog is going nuts tracking the armadillos and moles around the yard and she and the squirrels take turns tormenting one another. As much as I love making jewelry, it's hard to make myself stay inside at the workbench on such beautiful days. All too soon it will be murderously hot so I'm going to enjoy this wonderful Spring weather while I can.


Giftbearer said...

Very nice blog!

I'm also noticing the NeoCounter on the left side of your blog showing how many visitors from which countries come to read! Very cool! Is that easy to set up?

oriental banana said...

Yah for spring! We had wonderful weekend weather, but back to colder temps today :(