Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where I Live

I want to share some photos I took on New Year's Day. It was such a beautiful day I just couldn't stay inside. So, the Little Red Dog and I packed some snacks, water and a book for me - she's not much of a reader, piled into the truck and headed out. We ended up out on the narrow peninsula of Fort Morgan Road. In some places it is only 1/2 mile or so wide with Mobile Bay on the north side and the Gulf of Mexico on the south. I got the beach shot out the truck window using the door frame to steady and balance the camera. The other shots were taken on the bay side at a boat launch. I got within 8 feet of the heron before he grew tired of my company and left. I have to brag on myself, too; I managed to squat down on a sloping boat ramp and not fall over or need a crane to get back up. Let's have a rousing "Huzzah" for Rubenesque ladies of a certain age!

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The Lone Beader said...

Wow! Fabulous photos of the heron! You were lucky! We had ice and big snow here on New Year's.

(Did you see the beaded heron in my shop?? :D)