Friday, October 17, 2008

Crazy for Stone Beads

I have fallen in love with natural stone beads this fall! Mahogany obsidian, Amazonite, semi-precious chips, turquoise - you name it, I've probably bought some. Needless to say, I've become a "frequent flyer" at Fire Mountain. Now I need to make some sales. Here are shots of my newest pieces. I don't have everything listed on Etsy yet but I'm working on it. Sometimes it's hard for me to switch off the creative side and get down to business. Right brain, left brain, aaarrrggghhh!

Something else I've fallen in love with an absolutely gorgeous sweater from Design by Nihan. It is pure cashmere elegance. Nihan lives in Istanbul and says she gets her design inspirations from a mix of Anatolian culture and the modern world. Wherever, they come from, her original designs are truly remarkable. I am so glad to have found her shop and now I really need to make some sales in my shop so I can afford that sweater. Hmmm, maybe if I asked Santa really nicely...
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Dave Robertson said...

Hi Julie,

If you're a stone-bead lover you must come to our bead shows! We always have [literally] tons of the latest great gemstone beads, purchased especially for the shows. (So they're not in our huge catalog of gemstone beads.) It's always a fun experience!

at Rings & Things

oriental banana said...

beads and sweaters -- these are a few of my favorite things :)