Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Not Just Driftwood Anymore

Several years ago the taller half and I bought a new home and noticed that every night the walls of breezeway to the patio would be covered with tiny green frogs. I was fascinated by them. Well, one day not long after our discovery, a lanky, laughing girl toting a stack of driftwood strolled into the library. My co-worker Laura introduced her as her sister Cory. The driftwood turned out to be wonderful pieces of art that Cory had created with wood burning and painting skills. One of the pieces just happened to have tree frogs on it and I was immediately sold. Her frogs have been hanging on the wall of my breezeway for 6 years now and look as bright and sassy today as they did when I brought them home.

Over the years, Cory has continued to hone her craft and now it has taken on a new meaning in her life. Last December, Cory's husband Darrell was diagnosed with throat cancer and Cory has been selling her artwork to help pay the mounting medical bills and living expenses for her family. She and Darrell don't have medical insurance. Her Etsy shop has several beautiful pieces listed for sale - . There is a website and a blog with updated information about Darrell's treatments and family activities - I'm asking all you artists, crafters, Etsians - anyone who reads my ramblings, to visit Cory's shop and the Wallace Family website. Give her shop a heart on and leave a special thought or prayer for the family on the blog. Cory is giving her heart for her husband and family and I think we should show her that she has ours too.

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Terri said...

Wow this is great work, glad you took the time to post about it!