Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time to straighten up the workroom

I finally had enough. The workroom, which is also the entrance to the house from the carport had reached critical mass. The stack of library books waiting to be read was starting to teeter and all the new beads I had splurged on were at the bottom of a pile of magazines and mailing supplies. So into the chaos I plunged.

I'd like to say that I quickly and efficiently dispatched the task at hand, but who am I kidding. With breaks to take the red dog outside, hang some sheets on the line, put a crock pot of fresh cream peas on to cook, watch the all day marathon of Deadliest Catch, stand patiently in the spray of the garden sprinkler to get some great photos of a blue dragonfly and paint my toenails, I finished up at 7:30 tonight. Who says I can't multi-task.

Last night I had a spurt of energy and made a new eyeglasses holder for the shop. As my friends know, I like any color as long as it's blue. This piece is no exception. I used large size seed beads in a rich cobalt blue and accented them with silver filigree tubes. The combination reminds me of Faberge eggs and the fantastic Russian glassware set in filigree holders. My mother has a perfume bottle like that and I always love looking at it in the sunlight.
Now it's Sunday night - the laundry is done (okay, it's not all put away yet, gimme a break), the kitchen is cleaned up, I'm on the last episode of Deadliest Catch and as soon as I take red dog for her last walk of the day, I'll be ready to snuggle down on the fresh sheets that smell of the sun and salt air. I really am blessed.

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