Saturday, May 5, 2012

Eight good friends, one pre-teen cutie pie, great food, craft supplies, and tequila...

It's Cinco de Mayo Kentucky Derby Birthday Craft Day!

Sherry made piñatas from paper snow-cone cups and decorated them with hand-made crepe paper flowers. What's a piñata without candy? They were filled with red hot cinnamon candy - my favorite! The pillow she had on the hearth said it all - "Friends are the best presents".

Now for the food - walking tacos, a bean and avocado salsa-like dip, tropical chicken salad, fresh fruit and Tequila Sunrises to quench our thirst. The "palm trees" were delicious.

Melody started early and made a to-die-for bracelet and earrings from shell buttons. She has the patience of a saint to fiddle with all those jump rings. Little seed beads are scattered around and look for all the world like colorful pieces of beach glass. Mel's Shells ... has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Next up, Amy and daughter Skylar worked on a necklace holder made from a frame filled with wine corks. They used was a hot glue gun to stick the corks on the cardboard insert. Burned fingers: Skylar 0, Amy 2.

Deanne and Lisa want to grow up and be beaders so they brought supplies to start learning with. I said I was not going to be responsible when this new hobby took over their brains. (There is no such thing as too many beads!) They both took to it like little crafty ducks to water and made some cute pieces. More recruits for my army. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

Sherry will now be known as "Motorcycle Mama Sherry" after the bike she made from diapers and other baby paraphernalia. When I grow up I want to be as generous, kind and creative as Sherry. As the undisputed Queen of Gift Wrapping, she was also impressed with the job Deanne did on her birthday package. When you don't have enough paper, you improvise. Of course, being a bona fide artist doesn't hurt, either.

Deanne was our other birthday girl and she was thrilled with her new coffee mug. Now she can honestly say "I only had one cup today".

The craftiness didn't stop with gift wrap and jewelry-making, though. Amy, Deanne and Sherry all spread out on the floor to cut up T-shirts to make vests out of them. After much discussion, including a few naughty words, the creations were ready for the catwalk. Yes, the Doublemint Twins ARE too sexy for their shirts.


Skylar wanted to do a page for her scrapbook so Sherry gave her some tips and showed her how to use the Cricut. Her finished page looked great. I can't wait to see what she creates next time.

Christie popped in after an exciting trip to Tuscaloosa to retrieve her child. Ask her about it. She got right to work on a necklace using a skull bead that Jane brought her from Mexico. So I guess we did actually have something Mexican for our Cinco de Mayo Kentucky Derby Birthday Craft Day. Hope your day was as happy as ours was!

Adios, Ya'll!

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