Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Days Are Diamonds

To quote my friend Jane's tweet - "Philippe Cousteau, and a baby monkey. it's been a cool day at the library". Philippe, Jacques Cousteau's grandson, was in town to work with local teens on a new program with Earth Echo International. Local news on WKRG has an interview with him and some of the others in the group posted on their website.

Talk about some giddy librarians. He charmed us all.

Now where did the monkey come from, you ask. Patty from the Gulf Shores Zoo - "The Little Zoo That Could" - brought in a bitty, baby capuchin monkey who's about 6 weeks old. Luka had to taken from his mother when she couldn't feed him so Patty is playing mama now. It was love at first sight for Philippe. He wanted to know if we'd have monkey around next time he came to town. No promises were made.
Actually, it's been a cool 10 days here at the beach. On the 11th, the Jimmy Buffett and Friends Concert for the Coast brought over 35,000 to my hometown and along with them a very needed and much appreciated boost to our economy. CMT broadcast the show live and has rerun it several times since then. Jimmy performed a recrafted version of "When the Coast Is Clear" and it even made this tough old broad tear up. Click on Jimmy for a video of the song.

It's hard to see the white sand on the beaches I have loved all my life turn brown from oil washing ashore. The Taller Half said it hasn't looked too bad lately, but he's still working 12-hour days with the clean-up crews. I even got a haz-mat card to carry in case I have to go pick up a tar ball or two. Unfortunately, I'm not a real HAZWOPER, though. And yes, that is a real word, well, acronym, anyway. Google it if you don't believe me.

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