Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Back! (now don't everyone cheer at once)

Things have been piling up lately and the blog has pretty much taken a back seat. Add to that the fact that I stare a computer screen all day at work and sometimes really don't feel like doing it at home too. Creatively, I have had spurts of productivity in the jewelry department and crocheting blankets for the new grandbabies in friends' families has kept me busy during movie time in the evenings. As usual, my tendendcy toward procrastination has reared its ugly head and I have a box of new things to photograph for the shops and ebay. (I will make myself do it this weekend-I will make myself do it this weekend-I will make myself do it this weekend)

I get an jewelry makers newsletter from Fire Mountain Gems and the latest issue has a really good article by Dianne Linderman ( The opening sentence intrigued me:
"Want to know a secret? The jewelry-making business is one of the most recession-proof businesses there is. When the economy goes into recession, people seek entertainment, but they also look for security by investing in items of value and beauty like art and jewelry."
Click the quote for the full article.

I know that when I was supporting myself as an itinerant musician, I never had trouble booking gigs during economic downturns. People may have less to spend on luxuries and/or frivolities but they almost always have a couple of bucks for a beer. Perhaps the jewelry crafting business is the same. As an old friend used to say "what for, everyday day, I don't know".

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