Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seems Like A Long Time

It's been a while since I posted last. The Taller Half has been home for a couple of months and peaceful time for me has been rather scarce. I did get together with girls a couple of weeks ago for a chick party - and had a ball during the short time I was there. Taller Half had come down with the Bohemian Lung Crud and was running a high fever so I had to get back home pretty early. (Since I didn't want to drink wine and drive home, I made up for lost time later that evening after getting the "sick baby" to sleep. Sangria and Colin Firth, ahhh, life is good.) The occasion for the festivities was a thank you party from Sherry for nominating her for the Island Spirit award which is given here for being a wonderful ambassador for our community. She won the award for July! One of her prizes was a night's stay at a local beachfront hotel and she shared it with us. The four "Dew Drops" met up after work and shared wine, snacks and riotous gales of laughter. Everyone needs BFFs and I am totally blessed to have these three in my life.
The food of life for a Dew Drop
(now who doesn't love a petit four?)

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