Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brain Confetti

The Brain is in meandering mood today. Here are a few things that it has stumbled on in its wandering:
1. Why are bra sizes so different from one maker to the next? Men's tighty whities don't vary. And wouldn't you think they'd lie about the size they wear and say it's an XL when they really wear a small? ;>
2. Is there a reason that the numbers on a telephone pad are exactly the opposite order from the numbers on a calculator or adding machine? It can play merry hell with you when you are using both calculator and phone at the same time. I have called East Armpit by accident and added $86, 300 to my checking account because of that difference. Maybe it's a conspiracy!!!
3. Don't any of the cool shoe companies realize that people need narrow width shoes too? Oh sure, I can find a selection in the orthopedic department. My feet are the only skinny thing about me and I would like to show them to their best advantage.
4. How come when the temperature goes "up" to 65 degrees in the spring we take off our shoes and wear short sleeves but when it goes "down" to 65 degrees in the fall we turn on the heat?
5. Why does half and half last keep longer in the fridge than milk? Seems like the fat content would spoil faster. Hmmm.
6. Why do cats like to stare at you when you're asleep? You can feel them doing it and it wakes you up.
7. And on that tack, what exactly is it that makes you know someone is staring at you when you can't see them?
8. If you're really tired, why can't you go to sleep sometimes?
9. Why does rain on the roof sound so nice at night but a dripping faucet will make you homicidal?
Okay, Brain is tired of meandering now. Do you have any brain confetti you'd like to share? Send it to me in a comment. I'll post them as long as they're not R rated.

Pinky is the head starer around my house.
LivingGlassArt custom made this stained glass portrait of him for me.

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livingglassart said...

Hehe-these are all so, so true. I really enjoyed creating Pinky for you, thanks for posting him here.