Monday, April 20, 2009

Sometimes A Great Notion (apologies to Ken Kesey for pinching his title)

There are times when an artist's work just jumps up and whomps me upside the head. I found this bracelet on Etsy's front page the other day and fell in love with it ~ it's called Greek Salad.

Lori, owner of Risky Beads, has a slideshow of her creations in the Leftovers Series ~ a fantastic jewelry collection with a culinary twist ~ on her blog She calls the series her "guilty pleasure". In it you can find everything from soup to nuts, literally! Unfortunately for me, but great for her, the Greek Salad bracelet sold almost immediately and from her shop stats I can see that I'm not the only fan out there.While you're visiting her blog, check out the "Risky-mercial" music video. It's fat-free fashion and it's a hoot!

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