Friday, March 27, 2009

'Bout Time

I finally got up off my patootie last weekend and took some shots of the jewelry I've finished lately. You know, I love making the pieces but I hate like the devil to have to get out all the lights and backgrounds and camera stands and extension cords...... My dream is to have a place where the dog and the cats aren't allowed to be and I can set up the photography crap once and leave it there ready to be used whenever I need it. I tried a different lighting setup this time and a blue paper with a subtle pattern on it for the platform. The shots turned out more shadowed toward the top of the display with the light focus on the jewelry instead of the stand. I like the effect I'm getting with the plexiglass under the jewelry, too. I'd be interested in comments or suggestions on the results. All of these pieces have been listed on Etsy and I'll get more up this weekend hopefully.


DeeCee said...

I know what you mean by setting up the photo stuff.
The plexiglass is a nice effect. I like it.
Best to you,

trudette, said...

I love the result , you did a good job , great jewelery too !