Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Don't Need No Stinking Housework

Now tell me, would you want to stay inside and clean today! I planned to start the spring cleaning in the bathroom but that's out of the question now. It's almost 70° and the birds are out in full force. They are starting to migrate back north and need lots of food after the trip across the Gulf of Mexico. The Little Red Dog is happily sleeping in the sun, the clean sheets are billowing on the clothesline, Bubba the Yella Yard Cat is curled up next to the parsley and is not yelling for food for once and I am headed back out to plonk myself in a chair with a glass of tea , a book and a contented smile (okay, maybe just a little smug) on my face. It's supposed to rain tomorrow - the bathroom can jolly well wait.


The Lone Beader said...

Just got your bracelet in the mail!! It's so cute! Thank you so much! :D

DeeCee said...

You're right, Who would want to waste time on a day like that to do house work?
Not me.

Cathy said...

Cool blog, I added you to the list of wonderful blogs to follow ;)