Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I want to share just a few photos of the Christmas village my friend Rooster and his wife Phyllis put every year in their home. Over the last 13 years they have collected the houses, shops, people, trains, amusement park rides and anything else you could imagine for this miniature town. Rooster says it takes him about 2 weeks to get the base (5 sheets of plywood) painted and set up for Phyllis to start arranging the pieces. After 18 hours of work, the 92 houses and shops, 2 skating rinks, amusement park and Lionel train are ready to go. Everything lights up and all the vehicles cars and trains move around the town. There are Ford and Chevrolet car dealerships, a Wal-Mart, a McDonalds, and even a Harley Davidson shop. I wish everyone could see their work. It is truly a holiday gift from the heart for their family and friends.

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M-I-L said...

Beautiful Layout!

We have a train room year round, it is an awesome hobby.

Julie, thank you for the earrings, they are beautiful, I received them yesterday.