Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let It Snow!

Holiday crafting has gotten a hold on me. I've been looking through the beading books and magazines and checking out the jewelry catalogs - snowman earrings seem to be cropping up in all of them. On a trip to Michael's I found some great silver plated beads with a bumpy texture and used them with black crystal cubes and sequins to make my version. Once again, I can't say how much I love my friends - I took the first pairs of earrings to work with me and they bought them all. So back to the craft store I went for more pieces and parts. Last night I settled in at the workbench and made two dozen more pairs and put a listing in the Etsy shop for them. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they all sell and I can make another payment on my staggering credit card total. My plan is to have it paid off before I am old enough to collect Social Security. Yeah, right.

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Literarum said...

I saw Sherry wearing hers, and I couldn't believe how cute they were! Am actually thinking about piercing my ears!