Friday, June 6, 2008

Well, here goes. This is my first foray into the world of blogging. Hopefully I will get better at it with time and practice.

The Crafters Guild Place is for artists and crafters of any age, skill level or medium. As a buyer and seller on Etsy, I have met many extremely talented artists and will be featuring some of them here. Photos, designs, tips and tricks, upcoming craft shows and gallery openings are among some of the things I am planning to have here. There will be links to favorite web pages and online shops.

Currently I am working on adding to my needlework shop on Etsy. The Stitch Witch, is the place I sell my own hand crafted crochet and cross stitch pieces, vintage needlework, supplies and commercial craft kits. Over the years I have collected many beautiful vintage dresses and hats and I am in the process of photographing them to post in the shop.

In Sea Jewels Jewelry, I feature my handcrafted jewelry designs and notecards with my original photographs on them. There are so many talented jewelry makers and I feel very honored to have made sales from this site. Recently I lucked up on a huge lot of primitive glass beads from India at a local flea market. I have used them to make what I am calling the Chunky Bunch Necklaces. See them at

My third shop has eyeglass holders - you know, those necklaces that you hang your glasses around your neck with. I hadn't made any jewelry for a number of years until a friend and coworker commented on how hard it was to find these type ropes outside of craft shows. She lamented that the only ones she saw were very utilitarian and not very stylish. So was born Bead D Eyes. I have had some modest success locally with the holders and am slowly building sales on Etsy. Visit to see what I have currently available.

Since today is Friday, I am looking forward to weekend of beading and perhaps a trip to my local bead store

So, until I think of something else to say, I'll close.

Keep creating!


Walk in the Woods said...

Yay for you! Welcome to the land of blog. I wish you the absolute best here and in every realm of your life!

Walk in the Woods said...

Just a side note ... I see you found it and it's working!

Yay for you!